110 Little Falls Rd, Fairfield, NJ 07004


“My sister joined Exit 153 CrossFit this summer, after trying various exercise routines, videos and gyms without seeing improvement.  Almost immediately after joining, she would not stop raving how much it was helping her feel physically and mentally, and how much improvement she saw day by day.  Needless to say, I had to try it! I had doubts, but there immediately went away after the first five minutes.

I have been working out daily for the past few years (cardio, light gym machine weights, videos), but have never done heavy weight training or been an athlete. Exit 153 CrossFit immediately took away any doubts I had, an I am thrilled to be a member. The coaches here really take the time to help each individual learn proper form while building up physical strength and a healthier mental mindset. Coach/owner Karen is extremely friendly, knowledgeable and passionate.

Not only has Exit 153 CrossFit Benefitted my body and health, but I have also made many friends along the way.  The sense of community here is just as important as the training, and that is noticed the first second of walking into your first class.  After that, everyone knows your name and cheers you on!”


“Exit 153 CrossFit is what happens when CrossFit is done right. I’m talking about more than awesome equipment and a stellar facility (which this gym certainly has). There is something special here. After having memberships at many gyms and boxes, I’ve never experienced this; it’s like family From day one I was welcomed, encouraged, supported, cheered on, instructed, coached, and made to feel like I was there on opening day when the ribbon was cut…like I am an integral piece that helps facilitate the strength, dedication, desire, compassion and community these friends together create. This feeling starts immediately, but is developed and fostered through respect for each other and a collective spilling of blood, sweat, tears, skin and puke. You are not a “member” at Exit 153 CrossFit. There is no key chain membership card to scan. Your entry through the warehouse style garage doors entails being greeted with nothing other than smiling faces and exceptionally warm greetings (particularly owner/head coach Karen’s), whether it’s 5:30 AM or later in the afternoon. Don’t get me wrong, I am also beat to hell, exhausted, pushed beyond my limits and left flat on my back gasping for air every time I’m here.

I couldn’t be happier, and I eagerly await future hard work and good times side by side with some of the best people I know. Come join us!”


“I joined in April after having my 3rd baby, and I’ve already lost my baby weight since. The coaches are amazing and dedicated to working with you. The box is also the cleanest box I’ve ever seen! They are very accommodating with the class schedule. I take the 10:15 am Women’s Only class which is the best for me and my schedule. I bring my kids with me, and they love being there!”


“For once I did something my kids thought was cool. Specifically, my daughter said, “Mom, CrossFit is intense,” I’m sure she was thinking that it was just 14 months since I had a spinal fusion, but Karen, the owner and coach assured me all the movements were ‘scalable.’ Translation? Learn the movement, master the form, and increase the intensity at my own pace. Joining Exit 153 CrossFit is the best exercise I’ve ever done. Yes, it’s intense, and I’ve had the sore muscles to prove it, but my back has never suffered! Karen and her team are more than coaches, they are teachers. This is the best place in the Fairfield area to join the craze!

And my kids joined too. I’m finally a trendsetter in their eyes!”


“Exit 153 CrossFit is the jam!

Everyone is extremely welcoming and kind. It’s the epitome of a CrossFit community to a T. Exit 153 CrossFit is a place for high intensity athletes as well as for someone who is just looking to drop a few pounds.

Just give it a try and believe me you will be hooked after 1 workout!”